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Dellarocco's Story


How it all began

After successfully opening The Heights Cafe (now Giulia's) Greg and Joe set their sites on a new restaurant that offered a taste of true Italian Wood Fired pizza and thankfully they didn't have to look far. Dellarocco's is conveniently located right next door to Giulia's so don't be surprised to see some familiar faces at both restaurants, we're a family and a great team!


Dellarocco's officially opened in the summer of 2012. It's been a neighborhood favorite from the moment it opened its doors. Serving up some of the best classic Neapolitan style wood fire pizza. We've also been regarded as the number one best Gluten Free option in if you have Celiac, no worries, we got your taste buds covered.

Store Front

Making memories

We're nothing without our loyal customers and with their constant admiration for our food and spreading the word we've met people from all over the world. From wedding receptions to baby's first slice of pizza, we've been able to share moments with incredible people. We hope that you to can join us and create some memories with us too.

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